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Next to Normal

Emerging from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to announce that tickets for Next to Normal, a Pulitzer-prize winning musical about finding light in darkness and finding love in the face of loss are now on sale.

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About the Show



Mental Health Resources

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About the show

Next to Normal is a Pulitzer Prize-winning theatre piece that in many ways reshaped the world of musical theatre when it debuted on Broadway in 2009. While it is technically classified as a “rock musical”, it addresses themes of mental health, suicide, and the use of controversial medical treatments.


The story centres around a family, where the Matriarch, Diana, is struggling with severe mental illness, and it explores the effects of her illness on her family. Diana has bipolar disorder, plagued with anxieties, mood swings and delusions that trace back to a family tragedy. During the course of the musical, Diana goes through a series of Doctors and treatments, which trigger the extremes of her illness. Her husband, Dan, struggles with not knowing how to properly care for his wife while avoiding his own confusion and depression. Her daughter, Natalie, deals with isolation and struggling to connect with her parents while living in the shadow of her brother, Gabe; as well as a budding romance with a fellow music student, Henry. Though the family strives to establish some sort of normality while seeking their own peace and happiness, the ties that bind slowly and inevitably unravel around them.

We are presenting Next to Normal through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

As Next to Normal deals with a variety of mental-health related topics, we have put together a list of resources for all those involved with the project, including our community. 

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Lisa McCormack


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Hannah Lazare


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Joel Bernstein


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Daniel Wilkenfeld


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Cathal Rynne 


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Jake Cohen


Our Cast

Our Team

Our Team

We have put together an amazing team focused on creating our Next to Normal world. 


Ally Brumer



189CB637-E38D-4DFE-BBE3-826D7AE9E645 - Emily Ann.jpeg

Emily Tilson

Stage Manager


EvanB - Headshot - Evan Brown_edited.jpg

Evan Brown

Sound Designer



Debora Friedmann



Headshot - kaylie leitman_edited.jpg

Kaylie Leitman

Production Manager


received_802145954043219 - Erica Urrutia_edited.jpg

Erica Urrutia

Assistant Stage Manager


TaliaHeadshot - Giancarlo Scalia.JPG

Giancarlo Scalia

Musical Director


NMMHeadshot - Nikki Mabias_edited.jpg

Nikki Mabias Melchor

Scenic Designer


Evan Headshot - Evan Ellison_edited.jpg

Evan Ellison

Assistant Stage Manager


headshot 2020 - miles keily-baxter.jpg

Miles Keily-Baxter

Technical Director


C_Wardell - Chris Wardell_edited.jpg

Christopher Wardell

Lighting Designer


  • What are the content warnings for this show?
    The musical addresses mature content including partial nudity, sex, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, rape, suicide, parental abuse, physical violence, abortion, teenage pregnancy, death, masturbation, religion, institutional violence, weaponry, and strong language.
  • Does this show use any special effects?
    This production utilizes haze and flashing lights.
  • How can I get involved with your Production team?
    At this time, our Production team for this season is complete! Stay tuned in the Spring for our crew call and in the early Summer for our next season's production call!
  • How can I support Contact further?
    We're so glad you asked! You can head over to our Donation page to make a contribution towards our organization. Any support is extremely appreciated.
  • I have more questions!
    We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email us directly at If your question is specific to auditions, please email us at
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