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Contact theatre exists to support emerging and independent musical theatre artists both on and off stage.  We are proud to provide many emerging talents from actors, to designer to production crew with some of their first professional credits, allowing them to build their experience and provide an important stepping stone in their professional trajectories. 


2024 - 2025 Season

The Technical Director serves as a pivotal leader within Contact Theatre's production team. They orchestrate the seamless execution of all technical and scenic elements - encompassing; sound, lighting, projection, set, props, and costume design/construction/execution. While a comprehensive understanding of these areas is valued, the ability to innovate and navigate challenges is paramount.

Collaborating closely with the Production Manager, the Technical Director ensures that the production stays on track with deadlines and budgetary constraints, whilst aligning every aspect with the director's vision. They actively engage in creative brainstorming sessions with the director and designers, contributing insights to enhance the overall artistic endeavor.

Key responsibilities of the Technical Director include:

  • Overseeing the entire production process, from conception to strike, including design, construction, maintenance, and dismantling of equipment/design.

  • Providing expert guidance to the Director and Producer regarding technical specifications, equipment costs, and utilization, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Regular attendance at production, design, and venue meetings to maintain alignment and address any technical considerations.

  • Attending rehearsals as necessary to acquaint themselves with the show's requirements and ensure technical elements seamlessly integrate with performances.

  • Developing, implementing, and enforcing policies and procedures to ensure all work and designs comply with legal, professional and ethical standards at all times.

  • Supervising and otherwise leading all work in tech week to ensure the production is loaded in and set up safely, effectively and efficiently.

  • Managing the technical budget, assisting with its preparation, and monitoring expenditures to optimize resource allocation.

  • Collaborating with the Production Manager to create comprehensive production schedules, as well as plans for tech weeks and strike periods, ensuring smooth execution within established timelines.

  • Ensuring all departments submit and receive effective and clear paperwork - assisting and facilitating its creation as required.

  • Supporting and facilitating the work of the design team as required.

  • Overseeing the acquisition, transportation, and management of all load-in materials and rental equipment essential to the production's success.

  • Assessing venue capabilities against production needs and coordinating with venue technical staff to meet requirements effectively.

  • Fulfilling additional duties as necessary to support the production's overall objectives.


The Ideal Candidate will have:

  • Experience working in technical theatre, added bonus if its musical theatre

  • Experience as a Technical Director or Assistant Technical Director

  • Passion for and understanding of musical theatre

  • A broad knowledge base of technical arts and the extended theatre scene in Montreal

  • An overall positive and enthusiastic approach to creating independent musical theatre in Montreal

The time frame for this role will begin in early Summer 2024 and span through to Spring 2025, with the possibility of renewal for the following season. Candidates for this role must reside in Montreal.


Note that this is not a permanent employment position but rather a non-union, contract-based role. The candidate will receive an honorarium based on experience.  Contact Theatre is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all, we encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. 


Applications are open until 11:59PM EST April 14, 2024. Interview will begin in mid-April.

If you have questions about the role please reach out to

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